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  • Create and Manage an AWS ECS Cluster with Terraform

    Ryan Cahill - 03/30/21

    Create and Manage an AWS ECS Cluster with Terraform AWS ECS with Fargate is a serverless computing platform that makes running containerized services on AWS easier than ever before. Before Fargate…

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  • Get Started with the Terraform Kubernetes provider

    Ryan Cahill - 02/17/21

    Kubernetes is a powerful yet complicated container orchestration system. It can be used to run resilient workloads on virtually any cloud platform, including AWS, GCS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and more…

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  • What the Heck is Event-Driven Architecture?

    David Thor - 02/09/21

    Applications have quickly become complex webs of interconnected microservices. Failures in the API calls between microservices grow more common and far more dastardly – wreaking havoc throughout…

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  • Get Started with Kafka and Docker in 20 Minutes

    Ryan Cahill - 01/26/21

    Apache Kafka is a high-throughput, high-availability, and scalable solution chosen by the world's top companies for uses such as event streaming, stream processing, log aggregation, and more. Kafka…

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  • Implement RabbitMQ on Docker in 20 Minutes

    Dan Barrett - 01/19/21

    Here at Architect, it's no secret that we love portable microservices. And what better way to make your services portable than by decoupling their interactions? Today we talk about decoupling your…

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  • Deploy your Django app with Docker

    TJ Higgins - 01/14/21

    Django is an excellent Python Web framework, but it can be tricky to deploy to the cloud. If you’re building in Python, you want the confidence that what you develop and deploy locally will translate…

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  • A Developer’s Guide to GitOps

    David Thor - 01/11/21

    One of a modern DevOps team’s driving objectives is to help developers deploy features as quickly and safely as possible. This means creating tools and processes that do everything from provisioning…

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  • Why distributed apps need dependency management

    David Thor - 09/16/20

    Dependency management Distributed cloud applications (aka microservices) have introduced an enormous amount of complexity into the design and operation of cloud software. What used to manifest itself…

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  • Creating microservices: NestJS

    David Thor - 09/08/20

    This article is part of a running series that attempts to demystify microservices by showing developers how they can create a set of microservice using their favorite frameworks and protocols. Each…

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  • Introducing the world's first DevOps-as-a-Service platform

    David Thor - 08/06/20

    We are pleased to announce the open beta release of Architect's DevOps-as-a-Service platform - a groundbreaking continuous delivery toolset that helps teams achieve deployment, networking, and…

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