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Your App, Our Pipeline

We automatically generate pipelines from simple app details, like APIs and DBs.

What you do


Declare app details, not infrastructure details

Developers know their app, not infra or someone else’s app. Distributed apps get to be truly distributed.

What Architect does


Dependency graphing

Architect steps through all API dependencies to generate a view of everything your application needs.


Infrastructure enrichment

Infrastructure gets transformed by Architect into rich infrastructure templates before deployment, so applications can be deployed to ANY infrastructure—portable apps ftw.


Intelligent deployment

Architect creates an execution plan to describe the infrastructure it will create, update, or destroy based on existing infrastructure configuration.

Why Architect?

Every environment is production-grade

Architect auto-configures an API gateway with every environment—even local—so testing simulates production as closely as possible.

Achieving CI/CD is expensive and complex

Automated previews give non-coding teammates access to a live environment so they can rapidly test and approve changes.

Developer efficiency is mission-critical

On-demand environments are auto-cleaned, so no more dangling cloud resources, hidden costs, or skipped security procedures.

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