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The cloud can be a big and confusing place. 

But it doesn’t need to be. 

With Architect’s continuous delivery platform, any developer can create preview, staging, and even prod environments. And we’re dependency-aware and powered by GitOps so that every PR spins up a deployment that is production-grade, including the APIs, databases, and events it needs to run.

Bottom line? We simplify the journey from conception to production with our tooling, making every deploy easier for developers. You can help us further simplify that journey by sharing your knowledge and creating cloud-focused tutorials on our site, as a part of our community.

We want your help in building a valuable, technical knowledge base. So if you love working with cloud technologies, sharing your knowledge and insights, and being part of an active community of similar folks, we want to hear from you!

What’s in it for you?

Beyond the feeling of satisfaction of contributing to a cloud tutorial knowledge base, there are, of course, some specific perks to writing for us.

  • Earn $300 per post if you BYO topic
  • Earn $500 per post if you choose a topic from our list of desired content
  • Work with experienced editors to polish your prose and improve your writing
  • Put your work in front of our technical audience and community and influencer network
  • Cross post and stock your own blog with content, while getting paid to do so
  • Build your brand and add valuable skills to your resume

If all of that sounds good, let’s get started!

Fill out the form below to apply. We ask for information about your tech and writing experience, as well as links to any writing samples or blog posts that you’re proud of, your LinkedIn profile, and also a few ideas for the kinds of topics that you would be excited to write about. 

From there, you’ll want to:

  1. Join our community on Discord so we can connect
  2. Wait for us to review your submission and reach out with next steps, assuming we have room in the program and it seems like a good match. This should take us 10 days max, and hopefully a lot less!
  3. Our editorial team will work with you to help decide on your first topic.
  4. Submit a draft, which you work with our editors to finalize.  
  5. We get the post up on the site, add to our community knowledge base, and you get paid.
  6. From there, you’re an officially onboarded author and can keep working on additional topics and content!

Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot in the beginning. We’re here to help set you up for success and will include tips for a successful article in your onboarding materials.

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