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The CI/CD pipeline: A developer’s guide

A developer’s guide to CI/CD implementation and best practices.

APIs accelerating developer velocity

Development velocity, and ultimately business success, are and will continue to be impacted by the tools devs have available to them.

Microservice tools: The top 10 for monitoring and testing

In this post, you’ll understand how testing and monitoring work in microservices. We will look at the top five microservices testing and monitoring tools

What is the data pipeline and why is it important?

Learn how data pipelines enable organizations to control the flow of their data in an efficient manner.

Test environments: Everything you need to know

Learn how the landscape of test environments has evolved to meet the needs of modern architecture.

6 CI/CD best practices you need to know

A badly designed CI/CD pipeline can actually bring more harm than good. In this post, you’ll learn about 6 CI/CD best practices.

DevOps? DevEverything! (Or why I joined Architect)

I believe in the dependency-aware delivery platform so much that I joined Architect.io as a Senior Developer Advocate in April.

Microservice orchestration or choreography: Which one do you need?

Learn differences between microservice orchestration & microservice choreography, which enable microservices to communicate & coordinate.

What is a staging environment?

Within any software development process, “production” is essentially the final environment in a sequence of places any code will be deployed. Before code is pushed to production, it must be extensively tested, and therefore be ready for public availability. This extensive testing is easier said than done. Developers write tests to ensure their features can […]

The basics of secret management

The need for secret management exists in just about every application that is developed, which is to say, every application needs to be able to run locally and in production at a minimum. In most cases, an application will also need a staging server and ways to dynamically spin up test environments to try out […]

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