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On-Demand Environments for

Architect accelerates development and testing by helping developers
create their own cloud environments.

Private dev environments facilitate rapid coding, while pull-request triggered previews help automate integration tests and accelerate approvals.

On-demand environments


Use our CLI to produce
production-grade, hot-reloading
dev environments.


Connect your Git repo and we’ll create environments for every pull request.

Build fast. Test fast. Deploy even faster.

The power of shared environments

Cut releases and watch changes seamlessly integrate into production.


Everything your dev team needs

Every environment is production-grade

Architect auto-configures an API gateway with every environment—even local—so testing simulates production as closely as possible.

Empower product
managers and QA

Automated previews give non-coding teammates access to a live environment so they can rapidly test and approve changes.

Manage costs and
improve security

On-demand environments are auto-cleaned, so no more dangling cloud resources, hidden costs, or skipped security procedures.

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