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A developer’s guide to containers

In recent years, containers have become an integral part of software development. A good grasp of containers and what they do is essential for most developers. If containers still make you feel like, “I kinda know what containers are, but I’m still pretty fuzzy on what the big deal is,” this is the post for […]

5 tips that will supercharge your Node.js microservices development

Many companies are moving from a single application code base to a microservices-based approach to software development. Getting started can be a daunting task and using some of the following tools can make that move a lot more manageable. 1. Manually test your Node.js APIs with Postman Postman has been around for quite a while […]

How to manage secrets in Kubernetes

Whenever you set up a system or develop and publish an application, there will be secrets involved. Previously, we published this article explaining the basics of secrets and secret management. In this follow-up piece, we explore how to manage secrets in a Kubernetes environment and how you can achieve this using kubectl and YAML. Secrets […]

React environment variables: A developer’s guide

When working on the front-end portion of an application, you may need to interact with data from a back-end server at several locations within the codebase. This is often necessary for functions like updating a user’s shopping cart or providing access to premium features. In this article, we’ll explore EVs, explain how you can use them in your applications, and catalog some best practices that front-end developers should implement when handling them.

Microservice orchestration or choreography: Which one do you need?

Learn differences between microservice orchestration & microservice choreography, which enable microservices to communicate & coordinate.