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How to manage secrets in Kubernetes

Whenever you set up a system or develop and publish an application, there will be secrets involved. Previously, we published this article explaining the basics of secrets and secret management. In this follow-up piece, we explore how to manage secrets in a Kubernetes environment and how you can achieve this using kubectl and YAML. Secrets […]

React environment variables: A developer’s guide

When working on the front-end portion of an application, you may need to interact with data from a back-end server at several locations within the codebase. This is often necessary for functions like updating a user’s shopping cart or providing access to premium features. In this article, we’ll explore EVs, explain how you can use them in your applications, and catalog some best practices that front-end developers should implement when handling them.

Microservice orchestration or choreography: Which one do you need?

Learn differences between microservice orchestration & microservice choreography, which enable microservices to communicate & coordinate.