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Create and manage an AWS ECS cluster with Terraform

AWS ECS with Fargate is a serverless computing platform that makes running containerized services on AWS easier than ever before. Before Fargate, users who would like to deploy services to an AWS ECS cluster would need to manage one or many EC2 instances of similar or varying sizes and figure out how to scale them […]

Get started with the Terraform Kubernetes provider

Kubernetes is a powerful yet complicated container orchestration system. It can be used to run resilient workloads on virtually any cloud platform, including AWS, GCS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and more. In this tutorial, you’ll explore some of the most commonly-used building blocks of a Kubernetes application – Pods, Deployments, and Services. These resources could be created […]

Get started with Kafka and Docker in 20 minutes

Apache Kafka is a high-throughput, high-availability, and scalable solution chosen by the world’s top companies for uses such as event streaming, stream processing, log aggregation, and more. Kafka runs on the platform of your choice, such as Kubernetes or ECS, as a cluster of one or more Kafka nodes. A Kafka cluster will be initialized […]