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Exciting news! has closed a $5M seed round

Architect has closed $5M in seed round funding led by Next Coast Ventures with returning investors NextGen Venture Partners and Comcast Ventures.

David Thor Feb 16

I’m thrilled to be able to share that our team here at has closed $5M in seed round funding, led by Next Coast Ventures and including Abstraction Capital, Spike Ventures, angel investors Jean Sini, JJ Fliegelman, Chris Nguyen, and Marc Chenn, and returning investors NextGen Venture Partners and Comcast Ventures. This round of investment brings Architect’s total funding to $6.5M.

Investment in developer relations and other critical go-to-market functions in the face of increasing demand, as well as a significant increase in engineering resources to achieve even greater development velocity, are two of the company’s key global growth initiatives that will be supported by the funds raised in this round.

There has been a groundswell of innovation across cloud tooling in recent years, but that love has yet to yield an experience suitable for developers to simply create and deploy cloud-native apps and APIs. Architect was designed with a developer-first philosophy in mind, making it as simple as possible for developers to take advantage of best-in-class cloud architecture without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Our continuous delivery platform empowers developers to create production-grade, cloud applications like never before. This architecture-as-code framework brings dependency management to cloud applications and provides the best of infrastructure-as-code in a language designed for developers. It’s a powerful combination that enables developers to create and integrate cloud applications, provision new end-to-end environments, and enrich deployments with best-in-breed cloud security.

Learn more about our vision for devops-as-a-service, or read our press release.

Every company relies on developers to build the software that powers their business, and in turn, these businesses power our lives. Architect is making it possible to build applications faster and more securely than ever. The early success of the product proves the desire and need for this product in the market and highlights the potential Architect has to radically revolutionize DevOps, and it’s my belief that this founding team has the right expertise to realize that potential.

Adam Rogers, Partner, Next Coast Ventures

Our goal with Architect is to simplify the lives of engineers building and managing cloud-native applications by integrating a wide range of production-grade tools. Today, with and a single deploy command, any developer can deploy any service, thus allowing them to create local or private development environments without having to understand each dependency in detail. The same deploy command can be used in a CI pipeline to auto-provision environments on commit or review. Developers can easily share live URLs with managers, reviewers, and testers via GitOps processes. After they’re done, dismantling is simple.

Worried about security and stability? Our platform examines dependencies to determine what to deliver. Like any infrastructure-as-code solution, the platform can automatically show operators the complete breadth of modifications required. Architect automatically adds strong network controls to limit network traffic. It’s free since each component knows its own dependencies!

We use Architect every day to streamline every step of our own development process. It allows our engineers to write, test, and release their code – making them entirely self-sufficient. With this round of funding, we’re excited to invest in our internal engineering team so we can continue to expand Architect’s feature set and enable our customers to focus on their business – not architecture.

TJ Higgins, Co-Founder/CTO,

For many organizations, navigating the evolving cloud landscape and establishing true continuous delivery remains a complex and intimidating process. With, developers can go beyond just continuous delivery and access everything they need to build, test, and release cloud software, reducing that complexity and creating efficiency across engineering teams. Instead of forcing developers to learn infrastructure, their infrastructure learns from them.

Marc Chenn, angel investor and CEO/Co-Founder, Saltstack

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