DevOps has never been so easy

Architect is the world’s first DevOps-as-a-Service platform – helping teams collaborate and achieve deployment, networking, and security automation all at once
deployment automation

Deployment automation

Architect democratizes deployments and enables developers to create and update cloud environments on-demand

networking automation

Networking automation

Architect packages services with their dependencies allowing it to automatically instrument service discovery, API gateways, and more

security automation

Security automation

Knowledge of service dependencies allows Architect to automatically enrich deployments with robust network policies

How it works

Ship dependencies with each deploy

Package your services with their ingress and egress rules as Components, and Architect will be able to connect them together automatically!


It's your app – don't let your tools control you

Architect integrates with all your favorite container platforms and API gateways, and let’s you seamlessly experiment with different solutions without any code changes.

Use cases

Architect is great when you need...

Self-service deployments
Governance & compliance
On-demand sandbox environments
Kubernetes environments
AWS ECS environments
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