The team centered
deployment platform for
microservice applications

Architect is everything teams need to accelerate cloud development and foster collaboration from local dev to global distribution.

Resolve relationships between microservices

Connect related microservices to better collaborate in cloud environments. Architect resolves dependencies at deploy-time to guarantee availability and connectivity with every deploy.


Automatically protect ingress & egress traffic

Architect minimizes your app's attack surface by globally locking down networking and only whitelisting traffic between related services.


Deploy with ease & confidence to any platform

Services in Architect's registry are infrastructure-agnostic and ready to be deployed to any platform. Deploy safely and code-free to Kubernetes, ECS, and even local environments!


Build complex applications with a single deploy.

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providers and frameworks

Works with all providers and tools.

Architect provisions resources in your cloud, and on your terms. Environment owners and operators are given full control over which container platform, security tools, and network gateways each environment uses. Better yet, operators can easily provision new environments with entirely different tools with zero code changes!

How It Works

Create.   Integrate.   Deploy.

name: e-market/checkout-service
description: Runs the checkout process for a shopping cart
  e-market/email-service: 1.1
  pay-buddy/payments-service: 2.1.3
  chore-rabbit: shipping-service: 1
  e-market/cart-service: latest

Build services

Configuring services to be deployed via Architect requires only the addition of an architect.json manifest file that tells the platform what your service is named, what other services it depends on, and various other details the platform uses for indexing, discovery, versioning, and of course deployment.

Service manifests are intentionally scoped to application specs and will never include coupling to infrastructure providers or tools, ensuring services can be deployed to multiple locations.

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        subdomain: shop

Configure environments

Environments consist of one or more service(s) to be deployed, the parameter values each service will use during runtime, and the networking rules to apply to traffic from both internal and external sources.

The separation of environment-creation from service-creation enables operators to maintain global control of provisioning and security for high-risk environments without impeding on day-to-day development efforts.

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# Run the whole stack locally
$ architect deploy env-config.json --local

# Deploy the stack to a new "dev" environment hosted on AWS ECS
$ architect env:create "dev" --type "ecs"
$ architect deploy env-config.json --env "dev"

# Deploy the stack to an existing "prod" environment
$ architect deploy env-config.json --env "prod"


Application complexity historically makes it difficult to create new services and provision new end-to-end environments, but not with Architect. Architect is able to push any service and all its dependencies to any environment with ease! No matter how complex your application gets, Architect ensures consistent and reliable deployments to any cloud provider.

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Big engineering teams

Companies switching to microservice architecture

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