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Architect secures $1.5M in initial funding

David Thor - 2020-02-12

Architect – a Boston-based developer platform helping teams build, manage, and deploy cloud applications – has raised $1.5M in initial funding. The round was co-led by NextGen Venture Partners and Comcast Ventures.

The Architect team – led by co-founders David Thor and TJ Higgins – aims to build the world’s first virtual architect to aid engineering teams in creating and managing cloud-native applications. The platform enables any engineer to deploy even the most complex systems to a variety of cloud platforms (like Kubernetes or AWS ECS) with the push of a button.

The power of end-to-end provisioning and continuous delivery empowers teams with accelerated debugging, on-demand environments for integration testing, and better support for cloud migration and multi-cloud approaches. This freedom to provision unlocks additional engineering efficiency and automates enormous amounts of error-prone, and often manual labor otherwise performed by high-value team members.

The concept was inspired by the first-hand management experiences of Architect’s Founder and CEO, David Thor. After running a private development firm, building the product and engineering team behind Confirm.io, and subsequently landing at Facebook via Confirm’s acquisition, Thor found his teams plagued with repeated issues collaborating across cloud services and teams, and provisioning end-to-end environments. In April 2019, Thor teamed up with long-time friend and fellow engineer, TJ Higgins, to build a platform to solve their shared problems.

We’ve seen companies large and small limit the way their engineers can design and develop due to the complexity of managing cloud environments. Architect aims to allow such teams to design without inhibitions and unlock the capability to innovate and create freely.

David Thor, Founder and CEO, Architect

With the rise of devops, containerization, and the move to microservices we see the potential of a tool like Architect to empower teams to get back to building and writing code. David and TJ’s experience has led them to build a platform that is sorely needed.

Jon Bassett, NextGen Venture Partners

We’re thrilled to partner with David and TJ on their journey to streamline development for teams in complex, microservice architectures. Architect is taking a unique approach by automating many error-prone workflows of the software development process and reducing the burden on DevOps teams.

Andy Cao, Comcast Ventures