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Security and compliance

Security policies and credential rotation in your deployment audit trail

How Architect simplifies compliance efforts

Each deployment automatically generates and logs changes to network security policies and credentials

Early insights into networking behavior

Our Architecture-as-Code framework captures all the relationships between apps and services, giving you access to the network graph without relying on APM solutions or manual documentation.

Reliable network policy generation

Knowledge of the network topology enables our platform to generate strict, reliable network policies white-listing access from APIs to their dependencies and enabling zero-trust security from day zero.

Credential issuance & rotation

Access to the relationships between services allows Architect to generate, store, and rotate credentials used to securely access APIs, databases and more.

Full deployment history

Every deployment logs the who issued it, who approved it, and all the changes made to the environment in a searchable history – perfect for passing common compliance requirements.

Audit trail of security changes

Deployment histories include more than just which container artifacts landed. They include granular insights into network policy and credential changes as well.