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Continuous environment provisioning

End-to-end environments for everyone with the push of a button.

An illustration of a cloud server network.

Any cloud provider

Cloud providers and their service offerings are constantly changing and expanding. Asking developers to keep up with features from specific vendors only creates vendor lock-in and distracts them from developing product features.

Instead of asking everyone to learn how to deploy to specific providers, Architect automatically deploys apps and services to any provider without any configuration changes. Your developers stay focused on features, and you’ll always be able to swap out providers.

On-demand environments

Architect has a built-in dependency resolver for microservices, which means that every service is aware of which peer APIs they need to connect to.

Architect uses this information not only to connect to existing instances of peer services, but to provision them as well. This means that even the most complex of applications can be deployed into fresh environments with the push of a button.

A simplified illustration of gitops.

GitOps powered previews

Architect Components are smart enough to deploy or provision themselves thanks to our built-in dependency resolver. That means you can easily use your favorite CI tool, like Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, and more, to instrument GitOps for all your apps and services using our CLI.