Secret management

Sensitive parameters should never be checked into version control.

Architect Cloud has built-in secret management for sensitive parameters. Secrets can be set at the account or environment scope and will only be read at deploy time. Account scoped secrets apply to all environments, but can be overriden at the environment scope.

Example component

We want to deploy a component with a sensitive parameter secret_key:

# architect.yml
name: examples/component
    required: true
      SECRET_KEY: ${{ parameters.secret_key }}

Deploying will fail prompting us to provide a parameter:

$ architect register -c architect.yml
$ architect deploy examples/component:latest -a <account-name> -e <environment-name>
 »   Error: {
 »     "components.examples/component.parameters.secret_key": {
 »       "Required": "secret_key is required",
 »     }
 »   }

Defining secret values

To utilize the Architect secret manager navigate to your account or environment page for the component. Click on the secrets tab located on the left sidebar. Add a secret with the same name as the sensitive parameter. In this case it would be secret_key.

Secret Manager

Now that we added our secret the deploy should work without issue:

$ architect deploy examples/component:latest -a <account-name> -e <environment-name>
 » Deploying...
    Example component
    Defining secret values