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Self-service deployments

Developers write the code. Help them deploy it too.

Why self-service deployments

Developers have a natural DIY mentality, and helping them deploy themselves makes them happier and more productive.

Faster releases

Developers wrote the code, so they are primed to know when its ready for release. Remove the steps in between and let them deploy directly for faster release times.

No context switching

It can be costly to have developers constantly jumping from task to task. After filing a ticket to have a release scheduled by DevOps, developers are forced onto other tasks temporarily only to jump right back in once the deployment is finalized for testing.

Quick failure remediation

Developers who wrote the product features are the best equipped to test releases. With developers also responsible for deploying their own changes, they’re primed and ready to address any unexpected failures.

How to achieve self-service

Architect’s cloud platform and Architecture-as-Code framework is the perfect way to empower developers

Capture architecture, not infrastructure

Developers are too busy writing product features for customers to be bogged down by infrastructure. Architect only asks developers to declare what they already know, application architecture, and automates the rest.

security automation icon
Automate security

Security can be an afterthought when racing to meet product deadlines, but it doesn’t have to be. Architect uses dependency management to automatically generate strict network policies with each deployment.

Provide autonomy

A thriving engineering team must be free to use the best languages, frameworks, and architectures for each task respectively. Architect enables autonomous architectural decisions for developers without compromising security and compliance.