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Preview environments

Insights and testing every step of the way

Why preview environments?

Code reviews are great, but product and sales needs early insights to provide feedback too

See changes in action before approving

Code reviews are important to ensure that an application grows in a healthy way, but managers and reviewers still need to run and test changes before completing their review.

Early insights for product/sales

Feedback on features and changes isn’t reserved for engineering. Product and sales provide important perspective, and preview environments allow them to see changes before approving.

Automate integration testing

Integration tests require a live environment, but you shouldn’t have to wait until code lands in production to see if it works.

How to achieve preview environments

Automatically provision preview environments whenever pull requests or branches are created

Pick your favorite CI system

Continuous integration systems provide important hooks into your version control system to trigger events whenever changes are made.

Decide on a preview strategy

Some teams prefer to generate environments for each git branch, and others prefer to create them on pull requests. Your choice!

Deploy with Architect

Architect deployments are smart enough to figure out how to provision full environments no matter how complex your application is!