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Service discovery

Automatically instrument load balancing and service discovery with every deployment.

An illustrated service network.

Service mesh without the hassle

Service meshes are all the rage when it comes to cloud-native application management, monitoring, and security, but it takes a lot of time and expertise to set them up and take full advantage of them.

Architect gives you all the perks of a service mesh without any of the headaches. Consul is automatically deployed when you register your cluster, and each deployment communicates directly with the mesh to ensure services are discovered correctly.

Illustration of an API gateway.

API gateways everywhere

Service meshes are great for inter-process communication, but what about apps and services that need to be exposed to the outside world?

Just like with the service mesh, Architect deploys a powerful API gateway, Traefik, into each registered cluster and continuously configures it with each deployment to ensure apps and services are accessible at your preferred addresses.

An illustration of DNS zoning.

Custom DNS zones

Every environment deployed by Architect is allocated a unique DNS zone to fulfill external API requests, but a production environment isn’t complete without your company’s domain name. Architect allows you to register custom DNS zones with each environment and simplifies the process of exposing apps and services through your own domain.

An illustration of a cloud server network.

Dependency injection

Applications are more than their containers. They depend on the ability to connect to external dependencies like databases, messaging queues, peer APIs, and more.

Architect’s built-in dependency resolver not only ensures that these external dependencies are provisioned, but goes even further to inject the locations of these dependencies into consuming applications. This injection means applications need less configuration in order to be deployed and minimizes any potential human error.