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Network security

Automatically generate strict network policies with each deployment and achieve zero-trust security on day zero.

An illustration of network security permissioning.

Dynamic network policies

For years software teams have relied on the walled garden approach to network security due to the increasing complexity of distributed applications. But increasing cyber threats make half-baked security policies a risky proposition for cloud-native applications.

Using the same dependency management tactics that power service discovery and dependency injection, Architect is able to automatically generate strict network policies with every deployment. Only the services designed to talk to one another should be able to connect, ensuring you have a zero-trust cloud from day zero.

An illustration of transparent encryption.

Transparent encryption

The traffic flowing between services inside your cloud environment is often more sensitive than the traffic coming from the outside world. Set up and maintainance has historically been cumbersome for private, internal services, but not with Architect.

Architects automated service mesh configuration allows it to seamlessly instrument TLS in-transit for internal network calls. Applications are automatically configured to flow traffic through secure, Envoy sidecars which take full responsibility for encryption and decryption of network calls.

An illustrated service network.

Service mesh enforcement

Service meshes are powerful tools to broker secure networking within cloud environments, but their security benefits aren’t limited simply to encryption.

Architect’s dynamic network policy generation works seamlessly with the service mesh to enforce network policies. After all, writing network policies means nothing without the suitable tools to enforce those policies.