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Continuous compliance

Audit trails that include both application and security changes over time.

Illustration of locks and lines of text to show a change log.

Network policy changelog

Most deployment tools include a history of changes made to applications, but does yours include a history of network policy changes? Architect does!

Architect’s built-in dependency resolver is able to use the dependency graph to continuously generate, maintain, and of course log changes to the strict network policies required by each app and service automatically.

An illustration of compliance.

Push-button rollbacks

Deployment speed is critical to the feature releases and customer experience, but developers can still make mistakes and accidentally release buggy or regressive code into production.

Architect keeps track of every change made to your environment, and uses the same automated pipeline generation used for deployments to safely roll back changes no matter how far back you need to go.

An illustration of a gated environment.

Approval-gated environments

When dealing with regulated or otherwise sensitive customer data it is important for production releases to be coordinated between stakeholders and approved by senior security leaders.

Architect allows environments to be gated, requiring approval from senior team members. Deployments can be queued up and ready to go, complete with the changelog to artifacts and network policies, to give security teams everything they need to approve changes quickly and safely.