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Continuous application delivery

Fast, safe, and repeatable cloud deployments.
An illustration of interconnected pipelines.

Intelligent deployment pipelines

Developers may know how to create their applications, but deploying them is another story. Scripting up blue/green pipelines and injecting application secrets are often foreign and error-prone tasks.

Architect automatically detects changes between incoming artifacts/configuration and the current environment state to dynamically generate deployment pipelines without any additional input from developers.

Any cloud provider

Cloud providers and their service offerings are constantly changing and expanding. Asking developers to keep up with features from specific vendors only creates vendor lock-in and distracts them from developing product features.

Instead of asking everyone to learn how to deploy to specific providers, Architect automatically deploys apps and services to any provider without any configuration changes. Your developers stay focused on features, and you’ll always be able to swap out providers.

An illustrated service network.

Dependency injection

Applications are more than their containers. They depend on the ability to connect to external dependencies like databases, messaging queues, peer APIs, and more.

Architect’s built-in dependency resolver not only ensures that these external dependencies are provisioned, but goes even further to inject the locations of these dependencies into consuming applications. This injection means applications need less configuration in order to be deployed and minimizes any potential human error.

An illustration of compliance.

Push-button rollbacks

Deployment speed is critical to the feature releases and customer experience, but developers can still make mistakes and accidentally release buggy or regressive code into production.

Architect keeps track of every change made to your environment, and uses the same automated pipeline generation used for deployments to safely roll back changes no matter how far back you need to go.