What is DevOps-as-a-Service?

Our modular framework combined with our deployment platform helps teams collaborate and scale cloud apps like never before

Dependency resolution

Architect enriches applications with network awareness. You’ll not only get service discovery for free, but dependencies are guaranteed to exist.

dependency resolution
ingress egress security

Ingress and egress security

Architect automatically creates robust network policies locking down network traffic between services

Governance and compliance

Architect keeps a full audit trail of every change made to every environment, making it easy to achieve production compliance


Push-button rollbacks

Something gone wrong? Our audit trail can also be used to automate rollbacks with the push of a button!

Platform agnostic

Architect components aren’t bound to platforms and tools like Kubernetes, ECS, or even docker-compose. Components can be deployed locally or to your favorite platform without any code or config changes.

platform agnostic
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