Registering services

Once your service has been created and tested, it's time to publish it to the registry and get it deployed!

Publishing services is the final step in preparing a service for deployment. Publishing services to the registry allows Architect to index it in relation to it's cited dependencies and ensure that dependencies are resolved when executing remote deployments.

Registering a service

The easiest way to publish a service is to run the register command and cite the path to the services source. Architect will execute docker build, tag the artifact with the service configuration details, and push the resulting artifact to Architect's registry associated with your account. Once in the registry, you'll have full control over the service, the environments it can be deployed to, and the co-workers that will be allowed to pull it down and reference it in local tests.

architect register -s ./path/to/service --tag "some-tag"

If you have a more complicated docker build step, or simply want to append architect register to an existing pipeline, you can cite an image directly in the register command that should act as the runtime environment for your service:

$ architect register -s ./path/to/architect.json --image=my-image:latest --tag "some-tag"

Note: the above assumes that the image has already been built on the host. If none exists matching the cited name, the registration will fail.

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