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  • How dynamic credentialing makes apps portable

    David Thor - 06/04/20

    dynamic credentials In my last post we talked about how to leverage secret managers to safely store and cycle application credentials in production. In this post we're going to take the concept of…

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  • Using Hashicorp Vault to enable credential cycling

    David Thor - 05/28/20

    Every software engineer knows the importance of data security, and therefore the importance of protecting the credentials that have access to data. At any given moment applications will handle…

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  • The feature Docker forgot

    David Thor - 04/07/20

    It's been seven years since Docker was first announced at PyCon, and containers have since inspired sweeping changes in the roles and responsibilities of DevOps engineers around the world. The…

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  • The importance of portability

    Dan Barrett - 03/24/20

    The evolution of software might be told as a story of innovation in delivery channels - the mainframe to the personal computer, hardware-specific applications to cross-architecture compilation…

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  • Architect secures $1.5M in initial funding

    The Architect Team - 02/12/20

    Architect -a Boston-based developer platform helping teams build, manage, and deploy cloud applications- has raised $1.5M in initial funding. The round was co-led by NextGen Venture Partners and…

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